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African Sustainability Summit & Green Pitch : Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), Sandton
Join the business community that accepts the challenge towards change.


The Annual African Sustainability Summit brings together cross-industry but like-minded experts and leaders to foster relationships that are united by a common desire to see resilient and sustainable business in the communities they impact in South Africa and throughout Africa too.


The Summit provides the ideal environment for trusted collaboration and co-creation of more sustainable and agile business in South Africa and Africa at large. Collaboration is vital between government, public and the private sectors to develop sustainable growth solutions and co-create innovative models, products or solutions enabled by a more creative mindset. With the Green Pitch SME programme, the Summit demonstrates the significance of formal, corporate business, investing in small enterprises.

The Summit model is sustainable in itself as it seeks to extend its outcomes through the establishment of focussed communities of practice.  The sharing and replication of solutions, alongside good corporate governance, and entrepreneurial development enables improved business performance – and ultimately more businesses which thrive.

Through its associations and partnerships, the Summit supports, showcases and recognises the role of leadership in the management of innovation and technology as it relates to growth, differentiation and sustainable development.

"We invite you not only to take part in the Summit, but to become a member of a growing network of organisations, the African Sustainable Development Association."


Raldu Nel

Founder and CEO, African Sustainable Development Association

Chairman, African Sustainability Summit

June 2018


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On 29 June "Summit 2017 - Bring Your Piece of The Puzzle" took place at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The high-impact showcased projects and trailblazing speakers demonstrating collaborative solutions and innovative partnerships. The  Africa Green Business Connector Platform was announced and the inaugural Trailblazer Award was awarded to Ms Brenda Kali, Managing Director of Conscious Companies SA. The Green Pitch session took place in the afternoon and 7 finalists out of 50 entries had the opportunity to present their products and services.


The next event is scheduled to take place in June 2018. Watch this spot for more information soon.






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